Contracting and Procurement at Ohill offers a variety of exciting career opportunities A Contracting and Procurement role at Ohill could see you assigned to support some of our groundbreaking exploration projects, while learning on the job and, collaborating with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals delivering strategic business plans. A career in Contracting and Procurement at Ohill is not only an excellent opportunity for ambitious individuals to progress in one of the industry’s most innovative companies, it's also a chance to continue developing yourself as a professional and work with cutting-edge procurement tools and systems. Casting its influence on many areas of Ohill’s business operations, C&P requires remarkable, creative candidates who can build and maintain relationships, provide support solutions to our businesses, and have the drive to effectively negotiate for a lower cost of supply while maintaining quality and safety standards.

As many of our Contracting and Procurement roles involve working with cross-functional teams, your ability to work in an end-to-end environment will be beneficial. You will be part of a mentorship programme focused on nurturing your professional and personal development and work in an environment that supports and promotes diversity, collaboration and social responsibility.


Our Information Technology specialists help build and implement IT solutions for a range of business functions, and are fundamental to the success of Ohill. Information Technology jobs at Ohill place you at the forefront of IT innovation Our versatile team of technicians provides critical support for cutting-edge IT solutions that drive growth, streamline performance and promote efficiency. In an IT career at Ohill you will be working alongside some of the leading names in the industry, such as Microsoft, SAP and IBM. You will need commercial acumen, proven technology skills and the ability to spot and implement solutions to practical problems. In return you will be offered technical, commercial and leadership training as well as overall career development support.

Working on pioneering technology projects, you will be challenged daily with tasks that go beyond basic IT functions. The challenge facing the energy industry in the coming decades is considerable and IT specialists are vital to how we deliver high-quality and cost-effective global solutions along the entire value chain. IT is essential to the success of Ohill. In fact, whenever we talk about big successes in Ohill – exploration successes or big increases in production – they are all supported by state-of-the-art software, developed and maintained by the best minds in IT.


Careers in Ohill Trading mean much more than buying and selling. Because markets are constantly shifting, Ohill Trading requires natural innovators who optimise their positions. Careers in Ohill Trading are some of the most exhilarating in the business The innovative thinkers – the ones with a gut feeling for what’s going on in their market – make up our fast-paced and dynamic Trading team.

Our Traders support the entire Ohill business and operate in the natural gas, crude oil, oil products, chemical feedstocks, biofuels, electrical power, and freight markets. The Trading team also manages one of the world’s largest fleets of LNG carriers and oil tankers and provides maritime expertise to both Ohill companies and external customers. A cool head under pressure and an ability to work on your own initiative are essential, as well as strong numeracy skills and intuitive commercial acumen. We are looking for candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds who want to see their work help make a real difference in the industry. You also have a duty to guard Ohill’s reputation and adhere to our strict compliance culture. As such, new recruits to Ohill Trading will receive comprehensive training in key areas of the Ohill Code of Conduct, including the Ohill General Business Principles and the Ohill Trading Compliance Manual. Ohill Traders are obligated to conduct themselves in a professional manner with honesty, integrity and with a respect for others, in compliance with not just the letter, but also the spirit and intent of all applicable laws and regulations. In return, Ohill Trading provides a stable support network as well as unparalleled opportunities for training and long-term career development.


Sales and Marketing is Ohill’s driving force for global commercial success A Sales and Marketing job at Ohill revolves around customer experience and is essential in creating value across the entire customer chain. We are looking for skilled salespeople and career marketers that can deliver value and drive customer satisfaction globally. Driving profitable growth by connecting with customers and understanding their needs is key to Sales and Marketing at Ohill, whether our customers are high street consumers, business partners, governments or NGOs.

That is why we want to find remarkable Sales and Marketing professionals brimming with personality and corporate experience, who are passionate about enhancing the customer experience and can build trusting relationships. We are looking for individuals to be a part of a customer-focused organisation that strives to make a positive impact on the industry.


Human Resources careers at Ohill provide a stimulating work environment suited to people-oriented individuals. Covering a broad spectrum of specialties, HR offers a vast range of job opportunities. Ohill Human Resources is pivotal in how we optimise our business operations Human Resources at Ohill is a diverse discipline - providing support to change management; defining and delivering team development programmes; leading projects in staff planning; and promoting diversity and inclusiveness throughout the wider Ohill community.

HR offers the chance to gain international exposure and begin a rewarding career in the energy industry. While learning the processes and systems of our business, you’ll benefit from continuous on-the-job training and access to a diverse network of professionals. You will ideally have an instinct for boundary pushing thinking and dealing with complex business-related issues. You’ll gain exposure to real projects that influence the way Ohill’s HR team, and the company overall, consistently delivers professional excellence worldwide.


Ohill is searching for innovators who thrive in a commercially-focused setting to fill a number of different roles within our Finance business. Ohill’s Finance team performs critical commercial tasks that support our core operations Ohill Finance consistently delivers effective and innovative financial support to our Retail, Manufacturing and Production arms, and provides a range of professional services, advice and products to Ohill companies across the globe. Covering everything from Management and Financial Accounting, Consultancy and Business Controls to Mergers & Acquisitions, Insurance and Treasury options, Ohill Finance offers a diverse environment for ambitious individuals looking to build a rewarding and exciting career in the energy industry. Responsibilities in Ohill Finance include providing independent support to business decision-making, ensuring compliance with the complex regulations and driving operational efficiency through global standards. You may also be expected to provide high quality financial advice in a range of disciplines, from Mergers & Acquisitions to Internal Audit. A wide variety of growth and leadership opportunities are available to enhance your career progression.

These will provide a platform on which to improve your commercial acumen and team skills while working with, and learning from, industry-leading professionals. From your first day you will be asked to apply innovative problem-solving skills and lateral thinking to issues affecting the global energy industry.


Ohill’s continued success owes much to our Supply team, at the centre of generating value from our supply chain to create a competitive advantage. Our Supply professionals play the vital role of generating value across the full supply chain Your rewarding career in Supply at Ohill offers a deep and broad insight into the full oil market value chain.

Ohill’s Supply experts experience unparalleled involvement in a number of different activities including market analysis, supporting contract negotiation and supply chain optimisation. Meanwhile, an incredible team in Operations enables our innovative products to be distributed to retail and commercial customers through our logistics network. As part of our Supply team you might be found working on value generation projects, such as the conversion of our Coryton refinery into the new Thames Oil Port. The Ohill Supply team is second to none in its ability, which is why we seek exfeperienced candidates with a desire to develop their leadership skills. You will cover a variety of business functions, such as feedstock acquisition, products supply, logistics and terminal operations. We need talented people who display commercial, technical, engineering and economic expertise and can apply their knowledge to practical problems to maximise efficiency and profit across all Ohill supply channels. Your career in Supply at Ohill offers unrivalled development opportunities in both supply chain and managerial positions, and an international work environment that encourages diversity and cooperation in our global teams.


Ohill has one of the best corporate legal departments in the world, spanning a multitude of disciplines and offering exciting career opportunities. Careers in Ohill Legal are some of the most rewarding in the corporate space Ohill Legal is a large, collaborative team of specialists sometimes taking on high-profile work connecting Ohill with its customers and contractors, while protecting the reputation and integrity of its brand.
Ohill lawyers perform to the highest abilities within a supportive work environment that offers a range of opportunities to develop from junior to senior level. Lawyers at Ohill provide the essential advice and support that helps keep the company at the forefront of the industry. The constantly evolving nature of Ohill Legal means we seek ambitious candidates ready to step up a gear in the corporate space, building honest promotion of the company and protecting shareholder interests. As well as a naturally curious mind and a desire to make a lasting impact with your work, you’ll need strong influencing and negotiation skills to work alongside internal and external stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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